Monday, April 23, 2007

diary of a solo road trip

  • Departure. I am full of energy, my car is full of fuel. Lord, bless this trip.
  • I love the radio ... whip out my NPR Station List and find something good to listen to.
  • Rest stop. Mentally debating the pros and cons of automatic-flush toilets. Check out the turnpike map and figure out which rest stop will have the best lunch.
  • Drive drive drive.
  • Lunch break: good food, good book, pretend I am not on a road trip. No need to hurry!
  • Drive drive drive.
  • Food coma ... zzz ... not a good place to fall alseep.
  • Mmm .. Starbucks.
  • Starbucks-induced car dancing. Dance dance dance drive.
  • Scan through the same three radio stations in the boondocks, over and over. One plays novelty country songs.
  • Hold my breath all the way through the Allegheny Mountain Tunnel.
  • Veer slightly out of my lane because of a gorgeous view.
  • Drive drive drive. How many miles left?
  • Almost there. Lost. Praise God for cell phones.
  • Just a few more minutes ...
  • Arrival ... do my legs still work?


justin said...

Welcome home! (Wherever that is.. I assume it's back in the Bend, even though you didn't blog that half of the journey?)

The enjoyment level of long solo drives for me is one of the most unpredictable things ever. Glad to hear you seem to have enjoyed this one! Way to keep the peace. You missed a fun soccer night.

Miss Emily said...

What a fun trip. Automatic flush toilets creep me out a little, I have to say. And starbucks induced dancing is made even better by singing. Good times.

So where were/are you?