Monday, July 2, 2007

humanity = relationship

Check out this article from Christianity Today. About how "finding yourself" is a fallacy because we were created to be in relationship with others. Not created to be individuals.


Miss Emily said...

Well, aw shoot. There goes my goal in therapy for the past 5 years! But in all seriousness (although that WAS a goal), I think you need to be an individual as well as a part of a group because God wants us to be whoever we are, and we are all different. We should celebrate those differences. You grow and develop and serve God and others in a different way than the person next to you may. You do want to develop your gifts so that you can use them to everyone's advantage.

We are all one Body, yet also, Paul talks about all being different, many parts in one, something like that. Even though I think Paul is crazy sometimes, that one makes sense to me.

Also, the line "God is slumming when he loves us" isn't really accurate. We are precious to God.

But, I do find truth in the fact that being completely solitary is not something God wants for us, at least not most of us. We are social creatures and often serving God requires being around other people at some point. I'm just always a big supporter of knowing who YOU are, becuase when you know that, you can better do the things you need to do. At least, that's the way it has been in my case.

Sorry I rained on your parade AGAIN. :) I'm just giving you my thoughts. They're not all bad ones. :) I really don't want to sound mean. I just figured you liked responses, so here's mine. You know me, always full of honest thoughts! We'll talk sometime in the couple weeks I'm home again.

Sheila said...

My only question is, in your times of trying to find out who you are, were you able to do that without thinking about yourself in relationship with other people? - what they mean to you, what you mean to them, etc.?

Miss Emily said...

Before I know how to be a good friend and a good teacher, or even a teacher, I needed to know my gifts, goals, and desires. I'm trying to get along without worrying about what I mean to other people TOO much, because hey, other people's opinions can't rule your own world. I have to understand myself, for example, before getting into any kind of relationship to ensure that I never depend too much on another person, because you need to be able to stand alone without thinking you're somehow incomplete. I think that relationships with other people one on one, and with a group, is important. I just think that if you define yourself by a group, and by others, you lose yourself comletely, and if you lose the group or the friendships at sme point, you're at a complete loss. However, I'm not trying to diminish the importance of having relationships with others. You have to have that too, of course.

Whew. Glad you're not ranting at me. :)