Thursday, May 22, 2008


Uncle Jim tagged me with this ...

I am (a/an):

a. audible singer
b. bike-to-work kind of gal
c. charismatic catholic
d. delicious cook
e.  excellent writer
f.  free human being
g.  gracious hostess
h.  humble ;)
i.  inquiring mind
j.  justice-and-peacenik
k.  kan't think of what starts with k
l.  loving sister, daughter, niece, aunt, cousin, friend
m. mistake-maker
n.  nearsighted  8-)
o.  optimist
p.  pushy when I have to be
q.  quiet sometimes
r.  road-tripper (also recent runner)
s.  sinner (also swing-dancer, also soccer-player)
t.  tenacious
u.  unpretentious
v.  victorious
w.  willing to try new things
x.  ???
y.  yarn user
z.  ztupendous


Mike Z said...

Can I help? You are very KIND and KID friendly.

Bill Reinhardt said...

Xylophone enthusiast!

uncle jim said...

and i'd like to know more about 'd'

Sheila said...

Mike and Bill, thanks for the suggestions! Jim, I'll just have to cook you a meal sometime - you are always welcome at the Brewer household!

I forgot to add at the end of this that I am "tagging" Sarah to do this on her blog, Speak.