Monday, February 16, 2009

running prayers

This is what I beg of the Lord on my way to the start of the Riverside trail ...

Lord, give me the strength and energy to run well today.
Give me the endurance to keep running even when it hurts. And then help me to have that endurance in every other part of my life.
Give me humility to handle being so slow and awkward.
Protect me from discouragement and help me always be joyful about running, since I know it is a gift from You.
Thank You for the body You have given me and for how well it works. Please help me to strengthen it so that I may be healthy for many years, to do Your work.

And Lord, in Your mercy, please let me run a ten-minute mile someday.


uncle jim said...

such humility
why not ask to do an 8 minute mile - push the envelope a little

Anne Z said...

Sheila - You have a very good heart!