Saturday, February 16, 2008

dinner at Brian's house

Every Thursday we have dinner with our extended household - Marge, Beka, and Brian. It's a super-fun time full of conversations about (among other things) Trinity, vegetarianism, and Brian's dogs. This past week, we spiced up our routine a little bit by going over to Brian's house, and we had a ton of fun! Turns out Brian is a fabulous cook - dinner was scrumptious. We also got to enjoy his Christmas tree which was alive and well for Valentine's Day! After dinner we watched The Illusionist on Brian's humongous TV. Brian has five recliners in a row in front of the TV so we were all pretty comfy. Since I am still recovering from the killer cold, Brian also gave me some hot tea and a comforter straight out of the dryer. I got so comfy that I may not have been awake for the entire movie. But I definitely woke up when Brandy and Brutus, the legendary dogs, came in to meet us after the movie. Check out the photo where it looks like they're trying to bite Brian's head off. These dogs are huge! But they were cute. In a huge sort of way. In any case, the night was super-fun. Hooray for extended household!


Katy & Larry said...

Oh my gosh, he still has the tree up!! Isn't it great to watch a movie with all of the chairs and the big tv!! That's a fun place!!

Therese McNichol said...

I am one of Brian's sisters (Therese). It was neat seeing the manger set under the tree because it's the same one we had growing up. And I've also heard so much about Brutus and Brandy, so it's nice to see them in action. Thanks for sharing the photos with us!