Saturday, February 23, 2008

updates and miscellany

Uncle Jim will harass me if I go over a whole week without posting so I guess I better write something ...
  • the killer cold has subsided to a slight cough and as of yesterday I am not taking any meds! Though if you need some, I still have Benadryl, ibuprofen, benzonatate, and cough drops in my purse. Also Nyquil and promethazine DM in the medicine cabinet.
  • I started feeling so much better that I registered for a 10K trail run in Michigan in July. The guys (Justin, Kyle, Pete, and Pete) are doing a marathon up there and it's on an island and it looks like a ton of fun so Sarah and I are going to run too. Though not nearly so far. Personally though, I bet the guys run the marathon in a shorter time then I run the 10K.
  • Last night my household went to Stations of the Cross and soup supper at Holy Cross. All the coolest people in town were there: Sarah & her grandmother Helen, our next-door neighbor Anne, Veronica, Valerie and Larry ... it was a happening' place.
  • After soup supper it was time for another super-cool place, the Niles Wonderland Theater. Cheap tickets, cheap snacks, mediocre movie selection. After a 16-e-mail exchange throughout the day on the young adults list about what movie to go see, Sarah and the guys took in "Jumper" and Cat and I saw "Vantage Point." Which was an enjoyable movie, I liked finding out different parts of the puzzle from different people's views, but then at the end of the movie they abandoned their own method and it was just standard action with a too-long car chase and lots of things going on at once. Plus, Cat thinks I'm funny for minding this, but at this one point there's a terrorist sprinting up the back stairwell of this hotel where the president is staying and hello, they would totally have that guarded, he never would have made it up there. But whatever.
  • Two weeks to Minnesota. The group is taking a crazy road trip, weekend after next, we're leaving SB Thursday night and going all the way to the Twin Cities, hanging out with other young adults there for three days, then driving back Sunday afternoon/evening. It's going to be super-cool.
  • That's all for now. Have to go get ready and go out for coffee with Elizabeth, then cook Fusion Chicken for dinner, then hang out with friends and puppies later tonight ... have a good one everybody!


uncle jim said...

about time - i've been waiting

have a great road trip - and i think i'll pass on the marathon ... and the 10K

princessp said...

are you staying for the CM next week? i want to see you if youre going to be in MN!

Sheila said...

Hi Peggy! We will be in town March 7-9 and we plan to attend the campus area meeting on March 9. Would love to see you at some point while we're up there - I'll shoot you an email :)

uncle jim said...

you know a bunch of us will be in SB Mar 6 - 9 for the music conference ... and now you're going to take off to the twin cities
every time i come to SB, you go somewhere else
what am i to think?

Sheila said...

Jim, if I had known YOU would be in town that weekend I would have petitioned for us to move the road trip to another time ;) Have a great visit to SB and hopefully I will meet you someday ... :)

justin said...

Jim, who else is coming? Yeah I was bummed when I discovered these were on the same weekend, but this road trip got on our books first. I definitely would have seen you!

uncle jim said...

Music conference attendees from Muncie
Bill Bolka and John Walker and Susan Coleman and Tom Schmitt and Jim Schenkel