Monday, October 22, 2007

sprained ankle, broken heart

We had an awesome game of soccer last night! Except for the part where I was rolling around on the floor in pain. The good news is, I did not break any bones! Hooray for my 26-year "no broken bones" streak! The bad news is, I need to wear an air cast and take it easy for the next two weeks at least, so I am officially out of the 5K on Nov. 3.

I was pretty bummed this morning when I woke up and realized I probably needed to go to Med Point and that I probably would not be running my first race anytime very soon. My most recent training run, out in Pennsylvania farmland this weekend, surrounded by cornfields and mountains and a sunrise that glorified the autumn leaves, was quite inspiring and I was starting to get really excited about the Run Baby Baby Run. So at 7:00 this morning, after a sub-par night of sleep, realizing this Baby would not be Running was worthy of a few tears. But Anne helped me put things in perspective and really, things are not so bad. I'm not in much pain, I'll recover pretty soon, I may even be able to do the Turkey Trot race on Thanksgiving, and even if I'm not better in time for that, the world will not come to an end.

* But, it was still enough of an event to blog about. So you can post your sympathetic comments now. ;)


Marge said...

Sheila! So sorry for your pain, but you know this just goes to show you are a real athlete. Cross-training injuries happen to the big guys all the time.
Does this mean I won't be winning the big bucks I was going to bet on you placing in the 5K?

Christine said...

Sheila, I'm sorry! What a bummer about the race, but fortunately, there is always another race to be run!!

Be healed!

Pete said...

Will you still come and cheer us Baby runners on?

Miss Emily said...

If I start running will my comments increase like yours? ;) one could pay me enough. Anyway, sorry you've been hurt. And sorry we missed each other. Had I known you were around Saturday night I would have come with Emily.

Emily said...

That was one vicious soccer game- I fractured my rib (I think.. self-diagnosis) in the same time frame.

Hope you feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

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