Thursday, October 25, 2007

yes, you can have my photos

So, I got a digital camera this summer ... so that I could post photos on my blog, edit them to make them look nicer, do digital storage instead of shoeboxes under my bed, and stop buying disposable cameras. I wasn't really thinking much of the sharing part ... not that I was opposed to sharing photos, I just wasn't aware what it would take.

Whenever I got photos developed before, I would get doubles and when people looked through my new photos, if they wanted one, they just took it. Done. Now that my photos exist on CDs instead of on paper, people see me taking a picture, they ask me to send it to them, and much to the surprise of oblivious little me, now I actually have to do something to make that happen. I could e-mail it to them, but I take my photos on the high-quality setting and it takes a billion years to email them. So about twenty people suggested I get a Flickr account, but it just wasn't that simple for me. As scatterbrained as I can be, I can also be pretty finicky - I wanted my photos to be just right, and I wanted them nicely organized so that family did not have to look at twenty shots of my friends before getting to the Christmas photo of my nephew, and my friends did not have to see all my family members when all they wanted to see was that one beach picture, and nobody would have to see my six dozen landscapes unless they wanted to.

So, I had all these standards for photo sharing, and thanks to Kodak picture CDs and my digital camera, I had fourteen months' worth of photos to both edit and organize. And that was a little overwhelming. (It became more overwhelming every time someone suggested Flickr.) So I decided to dedicate my October vacation to getting things organized, and I spent three days on my mom's computer, editing each and every photo and putting them all into albums on Picasaweb. I can't guarantee that I will keep up with all this, but I'll try ... but for now, for all of you who have been waiting patiently for me to share my photos, they are now ready to be shared. Enjoy!

(PS - I probably didn't have to write such a long blog post about all this, but I felt like I had to explain to you all why I took so long and why I got that look on my face whenever you said "Flickr.")


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justin said...

Sheila, these pictures make me happy! :) Not because you put them online particularly - and I'm sorry to have been one of the many who badgered you in that regard - but because of the memories they remind me of! Thank you.

Laura said...

Sheila - I looove your pictures! You really have some photography talent. I think one of my favorites is the ones around the brewer house. The garage and the wagon is really cool, and the white flowers with the house in the background - I LOVE IT!
tahnks for sharing!

Katy & Larry said...

I love looking at your pictures. Thanks for posting them.

Miss Emily said...

Let's go photoshop sometime. We can hang out and take lots of pictures, and then edit them to make them look ultra cool. And I love teaching people about cameras and lighting and stuff. I'll be home Thanksgiving weekend, then not again till I'm all done on December 7th. I still love you lots, and I hope we can chat soon. Call me sometime. I'm around pretty much every evening, but just not when House comes on (Tuesday at 9) or Thursday at 9 for CSI. :) So sad, I know. But no seriously. Even when I was dating someone, he knew if he called during those shows I'd have to call him back during a commercial. You know, a girl has to have priorities....:)

Pete said...

Yahoo! Like Justin, I thank you for your patience with me in constantly asking for copies of photos that you took. And now I won't have to! The pics are awesome, Sheila. Thank you for sharing more of your life with us.

uncle jim said...

and even we more distant family [PoP] enjoy looking at 'life' amongst the brethren. Thanks for posting these.